Lists - I have a thing for lists!

So when I fell down the crypto rabbit hole starting 2015, I found great content - and a lot...
But after a while I was lacking the overview, and wanted to structure all the stuff I read in some form. While doing it in the form of a gigantic bullet list, I thought this could be useful for others as well. I learned from others and want to give back - that's why I do this.
I hope you like it!
Plus when I publish this, people get an understanding about things that I think about / do / believe in etc.
Everything you can find here is hand-curated by me, completeness is not the goal but rather a broad overview and connections.
And I try to present it as brief and straight-forward as possible. Time is of essence when exploring the cryptoshere - there is so much to discover...
Obviously this is also just the beginning here, so do check back often - and now dig in & enjoy!

This is just the beginning...
- let‘s BUIDL it together!

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