Crypto categories to come

My list of blockchain topics is long, yet I do not just want to throw it out there - so I am thinking about how to structure it.
The main focus will always be distributed ledger technologies - so the technological aspects of blockchain and its applications. And since the most interesting technology in that sense to me is Ethereum, most of my materials are coming from that direction.


These are crypto categories that are coming soon or being expanded:
  • Use Cases, use cases, use cases
  • Education (online resources, newsletters, books, offline, info websites, ...)
  • High level thinking (crypto visions, disruptive troika, social ideas, cryptoeconomic primitives, ...)


These are other categories I have been thinking about, in no particular order:
  • Types of DLTs (Blockchain, hashgraph, RChain, DAG, ...)
  • Blockchain options (public / federated / private, permissionless / permissioned)
  • Consensus algorithms (Proof-of-work, proof-of-stake, proof-of-space, proof-of-authority, proof-of-...)
  • Fundamentals (blockchain attributes, challanges, hard/soft forks & spoons, ...)
  • Types of Nodes (Validators, Minors, Super Nodes, Archive Nodes, Full nodes, lite clients, ...)
  • Web3 Stack (Ethereum / Swarm / Whisper, MulticoinCapital stack, Parity/Wood stack, ...)
  • Cool little smart contracts (like GITF - give the gift of hodling, ...)
  • Earning Crypto (Trading, lending, mining, crypto(-payed) tasks, staking, ...)


What I will not cover are the financial aspects of cryptocurrencies (e.g. wallets, exchanges, types of tokens, trading, regulation...). While I do have a certain expertise in this area, I believe this is mostly a hype that will lose relevance against the technology side.


>> What do YOU want? Drop me line about things you want to see more of - or curate a category yourself!


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